Brown Water: Texas Whiskey and Texas Fly Fishing

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There is something about cold weather that ties fly fishing to whiskey.  Maybe its that both whiskey and fly fishing can be enjoyed in either solitude and contemplation or engaged in buffoonery with compadres. Maybe it is the fact that whiskey is made from the same waters that we fish (in a round about way.)  Or maybe its merely the fact that whiskey is warming on those crisp, cold days when you are inevitably saturated by waters you trawl.  And believe it or not, the cold here in Texas is just different than the cold in the mountains.  It is wet, often windy, and it just hurts down to your core.  It can sometimes be the kind of hurt that lingers in your bones for hours, even after you've reached the fire.  

A little "brown water" is sometimes just the pick-me-up I need! I think Mark Twain's famous quote, "Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough," can be applied to fly fishing also.

On the newer ends of their respective spectrums, Texas Whiskey and Texas Fly Fishing are both budding and not yet given the acclaim they deserve (see FLYLORDS Was Wrong!)  This series, "Brown Water," will highlight some Texas Whiskey brands/distillers that you need to know!  If this series is popular enough, we might give out some Texas Brown Water awards later this year or next, who knows?

So, how will we discuss the whiskies in this series.  Well, I will rate them of course!  Through a thorough, detailed, scientific analysis of each whiskey (meaning through my tastings and experience) they will be rated and reviewed on a few different options and then given an overall score:

  • The Flask: on the water experience
  • The Glass: an after trip sip
  • Cocktail Hour: mix a drink
  • Overall Score: when all is said and done
I will also share some great cocktail recipes with you (some classics, some I came up with using a Texas twist) that you can enjoy with your family, friends, and the freeloaders looking to burn your spots and drink your whiskey.  I might even share a few little tidbits of Texas whiskey and Texas fly fishing history and stories along the way!

Peace outside, y'all...and cheers!

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