Brown Water: Treaty Oak Ghost Hill Texas Bourbon

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Our first 100% grain to glass Texas Bourbon reviewed by Texas Freshwater Fly Fishing for Brown Water, Treaty Oak's Ghost Hill Texas Bourbon is named after the 28-acre ranch home in Dripping Springs, Texas, where this unique whiskey  is made with local heirloom grains from Barton Springs Mill.  It is mashed, fermented, distilled, barreled, and aged at the Treaty Oak Distillery.

About Treaty Oak Ghost Hill Texas Bourbon

Distilled and aged two years in at their distillery in Dripping Springs, Texas.  It is truly a Texas whiskey.

ABV/Proof: 47.5 / 95 Proof
Mashbill: 57% Corn, 32% Wheat, 11%  Barley
Color: A bright golden orange
MSRP: $54.99 for a 750 ml

Pat's Notes:

Nose: Woody and earthy.  Kinda like a horse barn, but in a good way.

Palate: Ghost Hill Bourbon from Treaty Oak Distillery is sweet and earthly.  You taste field corn, some woodiness, and no real strong "spice," which makes sense when you see there isn't any rye in the mashbill.  

Finish: It is warm, but not hot, as the finish slowly fades away without an overpowering burn.

Other Notes: It easy to drink.  Very good wheated bourbon.  I thoroughly enjoyed sipping Ghost Hill Texas Bourbon.

Kevin's Notes (lucky moocher gets to sip free whiskey for Texas Freshwater Fly Fishing): 

Nose: Molasses, astringent, light, and rock salt.

Palate: Light on the tongue with flavors of moist wood and hay.

Finish: Clean with some lingering heat.

Other Notes: The notes on the palate were tough to judge.  It has definite warmth and wood remnant and a great aroma.  Great for sipping on its own.

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Our Ratings:

The Flask (on the water experience)

This is a great flask whiskey to take with you on the river.  The warm, earthy flavors, pair well with cool days on the Pedernales River.  The easy drinkability and great taste make it perfect to share with others as well.
Pat - 4 lb Bass 
Kevin - 4 lb Bass

The Glass (an after trip sip)

Like its ability to fit in the flask, Ghost Hill Bourbon is also great in the glass.  I really enjoyed sipping on it while I was tying up flies to replace the couple I lost to the trees earlier that day.
Pat - 4 lb Bass
Kevin - 4 lb Bass

Cocktail Hour (mix a drink)

As great as Treaty Oak's Ghost Hill Bourbon is on its own, we really found it only ok in cocktails.  The flavors that make it so nice to sip get hidden in the cocktails that we mixed up.  Don't get me wrong, you sure can mix up a cocktail with it, probably a whiskey sour would be best, but don't pass up your chance to sip it neat!
Pat - 2 lb Bass
Kevin - 1 lb Bass

Overall Score

Pat - 4 lb Bass
Kevin - 3.5 lb Bass


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