Brown Water: Blackland Bourbon Whiskey


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The first whiskey in our Brown Water series is named after the Blackland Prairie that, as their bottle states, runs from the Red River to the North down to San Antonio in the South.  Blackland Distilling established itself in Fort Worth, Texas, and opening in March of 2019.  They bottle Gin and Vodka (which have their place, but that place is not on the water), along with a Rye Whiskey, a Texas Pecan Brown Sugar Bourbon (I NEED to get my hands on that for some winter cocktails), and the Bourbon Whiskey that I am writing about today.

About Blackland Bourbon Whiskey

A blending of 80%, 5 year old bourbon sourced from Minnesota and 20% of their own young distillate from Texas. 
ABV/Proof: 41.5 / 83 Proof
Mashbill: From what I can find it is 80% Texas yellow corn, and 20% Texas Triticale (a hybrid of wheat and rye)
Color: Light in color, a golden yellow orange or amber.
MSRP: $30

Their Bourbon is not yet fully sourced from Texas yet, but they plan to move that way and have it 100% produced at their distillery sometime in 2022 (according to a 2020 article from the Dallas Morning News.)

Pat's Notes:

Nose: On the nose, Blackland Bourbon Whiskey brings lighter tones of corn, a little wheat, some fresh cut grass, and some faint pepper.

Palate: Blackland Bourbon is sweet and creamy, some corn and wheat, and with little classic bourbon undertones of vanilla.

Finish: The finish is not strong.  It is short, with only a slight burn.  There is a light bourbon finish that lingers a little in the back of your throat.

Other Notes: Each and every "tasting" I have done, I have said to myself, "dang, that's better than I expected."  It is light in color for a bourbon, but has a surprisingly nice flavor and is easy to drink.

Kevin's Notes (lucky moocher gets to sip free whiskey for Texas Freshwater Fly Fishing): 

Nose: Astringent and sweet corn.

Palate: Light, warm but not harsh, and with a light sweetness.

Finish: Clean, brief, and semi-sweet.

Other Notes: I would say that there is "not a lot happening" in the best possible way.  Highly drinkable on its own or in a cold cocktail.  It leans in no direction in particular, which makes for a good universal bourbon.

Our Ratings:

The Flask (on the water experience)

This is a great bourbon to put into a flask and take with you on the river.  It is highly drinkable (making it perfect to share with others that might have different tastes), warming, and at 83 proof, it is not too much for a day on the water. And at this price point, you certainly don't mind sharing with your friends.
Pat - 4.5 lb Bass 
Kevin - 4 lb Bass

The Glass (an after trip sip)

What makes Blackland Bourbon so great to fill the flask for your trip, might nock it down a notch or two when you pour it into a glass.  The lower ABV in this whiskey doesn't carry as many complex flavors that I enjoy when sipping a glass in the evening. But, it is still drinkable, and still a good bourbon.  Each time I have had it, I have liked it a little more.
Pat - 2 lb Bass
Kevin - 3 lb Bass

Cocktail Hour (mix a drink)

Although it is only 43 proof, we both agree that Blackland Bourbon has a great flavor profile for mixing into a cocktails. (Stay tuned, because cocktail recipes will come soon.)
Pat - 4 lb Bass
Kevin - 4 lb Bass

Overall Score

Pat - 3.5 lb Bass
Kevin - 3.5 lb Bass