Brown Water: William Price Distilling Company Single Barrel, Honey Barrel Straight Rye Whiskey, Hive Bee Farm

Hive Bee Farm, Honey Barrell Finished Rye, Rye Whiskey, Brown Water, Texas Whiskey, Texas Freshwater Fly Fishing

The first rye whiskey in our Brown Water series comes from a distillery in Houston, William Price Distilling Company.  The idea for William Price Distilling began in 2012 and it was fully up and running by 2020.  They have other lines of alcohols, but we will focus on their whiskey.  They have a line of Rye whiskey and a line of Single Malts.  Today, is about their Single Barrel, Honey Barrel, Straight Rye Whiskey.

About William Price Honey Barrel, Straight Rye Whiskey

Distilled and aged in Indiana (MGP????) for 47 months, this Rye Whiskey is then finished in Houston, at William Price in a first fill Rye barrel, second fill Bee Hive Honey.  (Aged a total of 50 months) It is uncut and unfiltered, and I have to say it now...delicious.

ABV/Proof: 59.4 / 118 Proof
Mashbill: 95% Rye, 5% Malted Barley
Color: A light, but rich, golden yellow orange.
MSRP: $38.99 (for a 375 ml???)

Although it is not sourced from Texas, it is finished here, and well worth a mention from Texas Freshwater Fly Fishing.

Pat's Notes:

Nose: Sweet honey with notes of wildflowers.  Very fresh on the nose.

Palate: William Price Distilling's Honey Barrel Rye is unique and changes flavors back and fourth.  It starts with the taste of honey, then goes to a spicy rye whiskey, back to a honey comb, and then back to rye whisky.  

Finish: The finish is wonderful.  It lingers a long time, with a great burn, and a sweet but complex finish.  Hints of oak linger in the back, while the spicy rye burns, and the tongue remembers the honey.

Other Notes: It is full of honey flavors, without tasting like it is honey flavored.  But, as much as I like it, I don't think I would want more than a pour or two.

Kevin's Notes (lucky moocher gets to sip free whiskey for Texas Freshwater Fly Fishing): 

Nose: Subtle raisin and honey.

Palate: F#%&ING HONEY, then Rye, then Honey, then Rye.

Finish: The most complex of finishes.  Alternating between honeycomb and rye.  Super long finish.

Other Notes: This was a pleasant surprise in flavor.  While there's not more than rye/honey going on, its a great opener or cocktail mix, but couldn't do much more.

Hive Bee Farm, Honey Barrell Finished Rye, Rye Whiskey, Brown Water, Texas Whiskey, Texas Freshwater Fly Fishing

Our Ratings:

The Flask (on the water experience)

I don't know that I would want to carry this on the river.  It is way to easy to drink way too quickly for a higher proof whiskey, so drinking it going down the river might be a bit much.  It only rates low because it is too good and too dangerous to put in a flask for a normal trip.
Pat - 1.5 lb Bass 
Kevin - 1 lb Bass

The Glass (an after trip sip)

This is an amazing after trip pour.  After a cold day on the water, as you and your compadres kick off your boots and sit by the fireplace to regale your spouses with tales of the one that got away, and the others you should have had, this is sure to please everyone and keep the smiles coming.
Pat - 4 lb Bass
Kevin - 4 lb Bass

Cocktail Hour (mix a drink)

This rye whiskey is just amazing in the right cocktails (recipe to come later this week.)  A hot toddy or other warm drinks suit this rye well.  I haven't tried it yet, but just a classic old fashioned is sure to delightful. The higher proof will stand up in your cocktail, and the honey tones will enhance your drink.
Pat - 4.5 lb Bass
Kevin - 4 lb Bass

Overall Score

Pat - 4 lb Bass
Kevin - 3.5 lb Bass