FLYLORDS Was Wrong! The Best College Town for Fly Fishing

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I read articles from Flylords all of the time, usually pretty good quality fly fishing info, and the title of a recent article really peaked my interest.  Top 25 US College Towns for Fly Fishing.  I was pumped!  I was so excited to see my school on a list of something other than "Top Party Schools in the US."

I hurried to read the article, expecting my Texas college town to be ranked #1 in the country, but it wasn't.  So I read and scrolled.  Maybe I was a little off, maybe it's not number one, but it has to be on this list.  I kept reading...NOPE!  

How on earth can you not rank San Marcos, Texas, home of Texas State University and the launching point of the best fly fishing in the world as the top college town for fly fishing?  Beyond that, how can it not even make it on the list of the top 25?!?!?!  Really????? And on top of all that, NO school/town from Texas on the list at all?  I am outraged and you should be too!

Here is why Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas, needs to be ranked number 1

Texas State University sits on the eastern edge of the Texas Hill Country and is short drive to some of the best fly fishing in the country.  The freaking San Marcos River bubbles up and runs right through the middle of campus, and that river is some of the best fly fishing to be found anywhere.  Bass (Largemouth, Smallmouth, and Guadalupe) fishing is amazing on this river.  Sunfish are plentiful in numbers and species, and their colors and quality are beyond measureRio Grande Cichlids grow to great size and make for a unique fly fishing target species in the San Marcos River.  There are also other fly fishing targets like carp and redhorse (and more) swimming around.

From back in my college days
skipping class to fish the river

A Sunfish from the San Marcos River

Beyond the wonder that is the San Marcos River, you are also less than an hour or two drive from fishing other amazing water like the Guadalupe River (the southernmost trout stream in United States),  the Colorado River, the Pedernales River, the Llano River, and so, so, so, much more!  And heck, within three hours you can reach some of the best saltwater flats fly fishing also!

San Marcos Salamander, Salamander fly, texas fly fishing, fly fishing texas, flydrology
I even tie the San Marcos Salamander

So what do you want?  Bass, Trout, Sunfish, Carp, Rio Grande Cichlid, Gar, Redfish, Specs, what?  You name it, you can fish for it that day and be back in time to party like the college kids that night.  How can you not put Texas State University - San Marcos at the top of this list?

Flylords missed the mark big time on this one.  Let me know what you think.

Peace Out-side, Y'all.

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