Victories for the Llano River

The health of our rivers in Texas are constantly threatened by human activity. In my opinion, the greatest threat to our rivers (especially in the Hill Country) is increasing demand for water from human consumption.  But, beyond that, our waters are under constant attack for all different angles.  Pollutants, invasive species, overharvesting, and dams.  

Recently, the Llano River has actually won a two victories against one of those threats...Dams. 

An illegal dam on the James River, a tributary of the Llano River (read article on the dam from KXAN here) in Mason County, has been ordered removed by Texas Parks and Wildlife. 
Click image to read full PDF cease and desist letter

And, another proposed dam, further upstream on a tributary of the South Llano, has been stopped before it began, as community concern and pressure has lead to the landowner withdrawing his permit for constructing a dam that would have impeded the natural flow of water into the river that so many of us love to fish.
The South Llano is home to beautiful, native fish like this Guadalupe Bass

Dams not only impede the flow of water in our rivers, they also change the ecology of the stream and can lead to an increase in invasive species.  You can read more about that here: The Importance of Current to the River and the Impact of Dams