November Wrap-Up

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November was another great month for Texas Freshwater Fly Fishing.  Several really popular articles were read and shared by you.  Here is a brief recap of November in case you missed anything:


Fish Kill on Brushy Creek

November started out with a terrible fish kill on a stretch of Brushy Creek in Cedar Park.  Brushy Creek is a popular fly fishing destination, especially for those living just north of Austin.  Here are the two articles you need to read to get you caught up on this situation:

Brushy Creek Fish Kill, Brush Creek, Brushy Creek Cedar Park, Cedar Park, Fish Kill, Fly Fishing Texas, Texas Fly Fishing
Original Article

Brushy Creek Fish Kill, Brush Creek, Brushy Creek Cedar Park, Cedar Park, Fish Kill, Fly Fishing Texas, Texas Fly Fishing
Most Recent Update

Of course, Texas Freshwater Fly Fishing is continuing to monitor this situation, and find out the cause of this event.  I have submitted Public Information Requests and am looking into other things.  I will update you with more information as I find it.

Year of the Rio

Year of the Rio Period 5 Winner Announced

Year of the Rio, Rio Grande Cichlid, Texas Freshwater Fly Fishing
And the Winner Is...

Congratulations to Tim Gilstrap on winning a great prize pack and gaining entry into the GRANDE PRIZE Contest.  To see all the Period 5 finalists, here is that post:
year of the rio photo contest, rio grande cichlid
Period 5 Voting

Last Chance - Period 6 Prize Pack

And...the final period, Period 6, prize pack was announced.  This is your last chance to win a period and gain entry into the Year of the Rio Grande Prize Contest!
Year of the Rio Prize , Fly Fishing for Rio Grande Cichlid, Rio Grande Cichlid on the Fly, Texas Cichlid, Texas Fly Fishing, Fly Fishing Texas
Period 6 Prize Pack

Great Articles!

The Overlap Score

Have you ever had trouble deciding what fly to start your day with?  Are you fishing and want to be able to maximize your catch opportunities.  The Overlap Score is for you!!!

What Fly to Choose, How to choose your fly, maximizing your catch, texas fly fishing, fly fishing texas, fly fishing
The Overlap Score

Urban Retention Pond Fly Fishing

Have you ever looked at those man-made, parking lot ponds and thought, I wonder if there are fish in there?  Well, there are, and this will be your experience:
Texas Fly Fishing, Fly Fishing Texas, Urban Fishing, Urban Fly Fishing, Retention Pond Fishing, FLy Fishing Retention Ponds
Urban Retention Pond Fly Fishing

Rainbow Trout Stocking!

TPWD Trout Stocking Schedule

Texas Parks and Wildlife has released there winter 2021/22 trout stocking schedule.  Here are the links you need for that:
Texas Parks and Wildlife Trout Stocking, TPWD Trout, Texas Fly Fishing, Fly Fishing Texas
TPWD Trout Stocking

Another Chance to Meet and Talk Fly Fishing

Texas Freshwater Fly Fishing will have a booth at the WinterFisch Celebration in Mason County.  This is one of the trout stocking events, and should be fun for everyone.  Here are the details you need:

Texas Fly Fishing, Fly Fishing Texas, Mason County Fly Fishing, Mason County WinterFisch
TFFF at WinterFisch

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