TFFF Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts Under $100


Got a little bit more to spend, or someone special you need to find a gift for?  Here is TFFF's Holiday Gift guide for gifts under $100.

Daytrip Lunch Box - $79.99

We have all taken long day-trips and struggled with how to carry our food.  Fishing from a kayak, boat, or hiking/wading to your honey hole, you are probably going to want to have something to eat and drink when you get there.

Yeti, who is known for their durable, quality products, has you covered.  This fresh-for-hours, easy-to-clean lunch box is your one-way ticket to packing a lunch you’ll actually look forward to. It’s loaded to the gills with insulation power, engineered with a water-resistant exterior, and built with a rock-solid form factor so it holds its own when riding in backpacks and bags.

Get your Daytrip Lunch Box HERE!!!

Power Lake - Powder Blue Hoodie - $95.00

Made by Dagon, the Power Lake was designed to have the standard features of a technical hoody. We added two well thought out front pockets at chest level to make fly changes and access to day to day gear a breeze. Every angler has their home fishery…. the place they know the best. We want to make great days better, and designed the Power Lake to do just that.

Get your Power Lake Hoodie HERE!!!

Texas Freshwater Fly Fishing Set - $70

Texas Fly Fishing, Fly Fishing Texas

Get a long-sleeve T-Shirt, Hat, and Coffee Mug, all from Texas Freshwater Fly Fishing, all for one price.  All while supporting Texas Freshwater Fly Fishing.

Get your TFFF Set HERE!!!

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