Lone Star Beer Supporting Texas Parks and Wildlife (That's Purdy Texas if you ask me)

Lone Star Brewing and Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation celebrated Texas Independence Day by announcing a Texas-brewed partnership to honor our beloved home state. As a toast to the “best views in Texas,” Lone Star has launched a limited-edition merchandise collaboration with Texas-based artist Emily Eisenhart. All proceeds from the merchandise sale will benefit Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation.

“We are thrilled to partner up and give back to the foundation that works hard to conserve our state’s parks and wildlife for Texas Independence Day,” said Lone Star Brand Director Brandon Kieffer. “Texas is unlike anywhere else, so naturally we wanted to give a toast to the best views that Texas blesses us with every day. Our ambition is to celebrate Texas by showing off the natural beauty it provides us and encourage folks to go outside to enjoy it, but also do our part to help keep it beautiful for generations to come. We are thankful to have a partner like Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation enabling this to happen."

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