UPDATE: Fish Kill on Brushy Creek

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I just received an update from the Cedar Park Parks and Recreation department regarding the Fish Kill on Brushy Creek.

"Texas Parks and Wildlife has had [their] Spills and Kills team onsite investigating this since it was reported on Monday. What they have told me is that the issue seems to be starting way, way upstream of the sports park near the Cluck Creek area. The water quality seems to be OK. There was however, a high flow event [were] the water level went from 30 CFS to 130 CFS on October 27th. At this point, [TPWD] think[s] this has something to do with the fish kill. There was also a strong storm that came through early that same day that was especially heavy in that area, with extremely high winds and heavy rainfall, which probably created the high flow event.

TPWD is still investigating but the good news is that this seems to have a natural, weather related cause and at this time we do not believe it is related to any chemical issues or issues related to water quality."

So, at this time the cause has not yet determined.  It seems like the issue started near the Cluck Creek area, further upstream from where TFFF first reported the fish kill to be.  There was heavy rainfall leading up to the "high flow event" that occurred on the October 27th.  It was this event that likely had something to do with the fish kill. 

Possible Origin of Event; First Report of Fish Kill

Certainly, Texas Freshwater Fly Fishing will continue to monitor this event and will look to see if there may have been other factors leading to this fish kill on Brushy Creek.  If you have any further information, let me know at texasfreshwaterflyfishing@gmail.com

Peace Out-side, y'all.

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  1. Find this hard to believe. Heavy water flow === Fish Kill in a creek with a history of discharge.


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