River Brew: Spring Beers

Ahh...spring time.  The river banks are beginning to green up and the fishies are starting to get in a "loving" mood.  Spring is my favorite time of year to fish.  Just imagine being out there on the water, drifting down the river, making a few casts, and sipping on a beer.  Nice!

Spring is a great season for beers, as well.  Just as the landscape surrounding the river and the air you breath are nice crisp and fresh during the spring, your beer should be as well.  Usually, the whether can vary pretty wildly in the spring, and so my beer choices will typically match the temperature.  I sometimes enjoy some Pilsners and other Lagers on the warmer day in the spring, along with the occasional ales on the cooler days.

Here are Fish Tattoo's Top Five Spring Brews:

5. Grand Canyon Brewing - American Pilsner
Grand Canyon Brewing's American Pilsner is refreshing and easy to drink.  It is a great beer for a crisp spring day.  It is not your typical American Pilsner, it is a bit sweeter and has a thicker, creamier head, but it is good.  The hops are not prominent, reducing some of the bitterness and leaving the beer a little sweet, but there are enough hops to keep a good floral aroma and a crisp finish as you drink.  Kinda reminds you of springtime.

Website: http://www.grandcanyonbrewery.com/site/american-pilsner-beer/

4. Yuengling Brewing - Yuengling Traditional Lager

Subtly sweet, but still with flavorful hops, Yuengling Traditional Lager is a great springtime beer.  The caramelized malt is present as you drink it, but the hops do come on pretty well in the end.  It is slightly heavier than your more well known American Lagers, but not by much.  It is easy to drink, flavorful, and refreshing.

Website: http://www.yuengling.com/our_beer/

3. Kona Brewing Co. - Longboard Island Lager
Longboard Island Lager is a smooth, refreshing, American Pale Lager.  It is not "heavy" on the stomach, but the smooth maltiness of the beer is still present. It is a great beer to sip while fishing on a warm spring day, and even better for a the spring nights while sitting around the campfire on the banks of the river.

Website: http://www.konabrewingco.com/beers/longboard-lager/

2. Oskar Blues - G'Night Imperial Red
Pine tree's, orange groves, and roses, ain't got notin' on the aroma of G'Night Imperial Red from Oskar Blues (but they all play a part.)  It might not be a true "Red" in some eyes, but it works...it works perfect for your enjoyment when all the plants are beginning to bud.  And, it is double hopped witch I absolutely love!

Website: http://www.oskarblues.com/the-brews/gknight

1. Santa Fe Brewing - Freestyle Pilsner
Freestyle Pilsner has more hops than you would expect from a typical pilsner--but I like that.  It is light, crisp, and as refreshing as cool dip in the river on a warm, sunny spring day.  But is also has the malts that really round out the taste. It drinks clean, but explodes with all the flavors of a spring day.  Santa Fe Brewing's Freestyle Pilsner is my number one springtime river brew.

Website:  http://www.santafebrewing.com/our_beer/detail/27

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