Join the Texas Freshwater Fly Fishing Team

Texas Freshwater Fly Fishing has grown larger than one person is capable of managing and running by alone.  If this was all I did, I would have time.  Problem is, I have a full-time job and a family (well, I say problem, but really those are both blessings.)

Anyway, long story-short, Texas Freshwater Fly Fishing is looking to bring 1-5 people onto the team to help run and grow Texas Freshwater Fly Fishing.  If you are interested, please take the time complete this form:

Texas Freshwater Fly Fishing Application

There are several different roles that need to be filled.  These positions can be filled by 1 or more people, so do not let the amount of time you have to help work on TFFF be the factor for deciding not to apply.

Feel free to also email anything else (resume, cover letter, etc.) that would me get to know you to