The BIG Year TFFF Sponsor Update: RepYourWater

RepYourWater has jumped in as a sponsor of The BIG Year TFFF in a BIG way!

There will be three different Texas RepYourWater hats and three different RepYourWater koozies in each of the of the top three finishes prizes at the end of the year!

There will also be FIVE different RepYourWater koozies in monthly winners package!

On top of all of that, and maybe even better than all of that, the next 40 (yes next 40) people to sign up for The BIG Year TFFF, will receive a free RepYourWater Koozie!  That's right, each of the next 40 people to sign up are guaranteed a prize!!!

To sign up for The BIG Year TFFF, you have a few pricing options.  Each with a chance to win one of the 12 monthly prizes and/or one of the Top 3 prizes for they year!  Yes, that is 15 total prize packs with at least 12 different winners!

Please say thanks to RepYourWater, and all of the sponsors of The BIG Year TFFF.