The BIG Year TFFF: Answering Your Questions

What is The BIG Year TFFF?

A contest to see who can catch the most species of fish while fly fishing in Texas' fresh waters.
The rules and a more detailed explanation can be found here: 2022 - The BIG Year TFFF

Why The BIG Year TFFF in 2022?

With such a huge success that The Year of the Rio was last year, I wanted to continue providing these fun "competitions" for you, the members and readers of Texas Freshwater Fly Fishing.

I also want to show off the numerous fly fishing opportunities we have in this great state of ours!

How much does it cost to enter/register for The BIG Year TFFF?

There are a few different pricing options to enter.  (They can all be found here: 2022 The BIG Year TFFF)

The cheapest option is only $15.  The other options give you memberships, entries into other events (like the June Four Fish Fiesta), t-shirts, and more.  

Why does The BIG Year TFFF cost? (I mean The Year of the Rio didn't cost to enter last year.)

True, The Year of the Rio did not cost last year, but there are several reasons that The BIG Year TFFF will cost this year:

  • I am one person running Texas Freshwater Fly Fishing. The Year of the Rio took way more of my effort, time, and MONEY, than I was expecting, and The BIG Year TFFF will take more than double that time and money.  
  • Not only does it cost so much of my time to run TFFF, but it actually does cost money! Maybe, somehow, I can recoup some of what I have spent on TFFF by hosting fun contests like these. 
  • I want to be able to host more events in the future, maybe even some live events like river clean ups and fly tying nights.  This could help pave the way for those.
I did however want to keep the price as low as possible.  I mean, what fishing tournament have you ever seen that only cost $15?

What can I win?

Well, there will be bragging rights at stake of course, but beyond that, here is what will currently be guaranteed (I am just starting looking for sponsors to help increase the prizes.)
  • Each monthly winner will receive a fly bundle of choice from Flydrology and any other prizes I can acquire through sponsorships throughout the year.
  • The BIG Year TFFF overall winner will receive another fly bundle and hat of choice from Flydrology and a The BIG Year TFFF tee shirt plus whatever other sponsorships we get throughout the year.
  • The second place winner will receive another fly bundle and a hat of choice from Flydrology.
  • Third place winnings will be determined later, and depend upon the number of entries and the sponsors that join.
  • Peace of mind knowing that you are helping to support TFFF and its mission.
Please feel free to contact me at if you have any other questions or concerns.

Peace out-side, y'all!

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