October Wrap-Up

October brought many good articles to Texas Freshwater Fly Fishing.  Here is a review, just incase you might have missed any.

Fall Bass on the Fly
Fall is a time of transition, for the weather and the bass.  The season starts with late summer patterns and begins the transition to winter fishing.  Fall is also a great time to fish big!  Here is Texas Freshwater Fly Fishing's guide to Fall Bass on the Fly.

Choosing the Right Fly Rod

Choosing the Right Fly Reel

Choosing Your Fly Line System
Texas Freshwater Fly Fishing begins to walk you through the steps in choosing your first fly fishing set-up!

August/September TFFF Member Bragging Board
As I was busy with family life, a full  time job +, and my own fishing adventures, I did not get around to putting out an August Bragging Board...my bad!!!  So, here it is combined with the month of September.

The Best College Town for Fly Fishing
I read articles from Flylords all of the time, usually pretty good quality fly fishing info, and the title of a recent article really peaked my interest.  Top 25 US College Towns for Fly Fishing.  I was pumped!  I was so excited to see my school on a list of something other than "Top Party Schools in the US."

Streamer Season!
As we get further and further into the Fall, streamer fishing for bass gets better and better!

October was good!  Look for November to be even better!

Peace Out-side, Y'all

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