Hill Country Kayak Charters - Year of the Rio Sponsor

Introducing our second sponsor for Year of the Rio:  Hill Country Kayak Charters

Hill Country Kayak Charters has graciously sponsored the Year of the Rio!  If you are looking for a company to guide your next kayak/fishing trip down one of the beautiful river here in Texas, be sure to look them up.  You can reach them at their website: http://hillcountrykayakcharters.com/  or on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TXHCKC  

Be sure to give them a visit and let them know you appreciate their support for the Year of the Rio and protecting Texas' rivers!

Here are some of the services/rates they proved:


The guides for HCKC have floated on many miles of the Medina, Guadalupe, Llano, San Marcos, Blanco, Pedernales, Sabinal, and Frio River. They provide conventional and fly fishing lessons for anyone looking into learning how to fish.  They provide all types of fishing including conventional, fly, bow, and even spear fishing for invasive species.

If you're not into fishing that is alright. They also provide bird watching, photography, and snorkeling tour of some of the best hidden gems in TX for a discounted rate. 

They also provide a cabin stay for a 1/2-multi day trip on Medina Lake.


For Beginners we provide 1/2 day trips to get you acquainted with the adventures and rigors you face during  kayaking skinny water and to provide a safe environment for you to learn in.
More Experienced kayakers can partake in full day trips which range between 6-10 hours.
Multi Day Trips will always be custom fit for the individuals wishing to go. 


They exclusively use Diablo Amigo kayaks for our small group tours because they are a local company right out of San Marcos TX and are made here in America. They have the best stability of any kayak I have ever used. Most importantly that means safety for you. They have a 400lbs carrying capacity and can store and full length rods in the hull. All while floating in less than 5 inches of water. You can also bring your dog  they are so stable! 


River Tour (photography, nature watching, etc)
1/2 Day :$200 +$100 for each additional person up to 3
Full Day: $300 +$100 for each additional person up to 3
Multi day: custom pricing 

River Guide Fishing 

1/2 Day:$300 + $100 for each additional person up to 3
Full Day: $400 + $100 for each additional person up to 3 
Multi day: custom pricing

The rate includes kayak, seats, ice chest, (1)rod and reel, tackle, dry bag, breakfast, lunch, water, snacks.

Fishing Lessons on private water:

$50/ hr gear included 

Be sure to support Hill Country Kayak Charters and all the sponsors that are supporting the Year of the Rio, and tell them thank you for their support!