2021 Protect Our Waters T-Shirt Design Contest: Frequently Asked Questions

I wanted to address a couple questions regarding the 2021 Texas Freshwater Fly Fishing - Protect Our Waters T-Shirt design contest.  Hopefully the following helps to answer any questions you might have.  If there are any other questions or you need any other clarification, please email: texasfreshwaterflyfishing@gmail.com

Q - Can I submit a sketch or an just an idea?

A - YES!!!  Your design idea does not have to be professionally done.  If you have an idea that you would like to see come to fruition, you can sketch it out, or send in your thoughts/ideas, and you and I will work together to produce your final submission.  Email texasfreshwaterflyfishing@gmail.com with what you have.

Q - Can I submit more than one design?

A - Yes, you may submit up to two designs.  If you have already submitted two designs and then come up with a better idea, submit that new design and let me know which other design you would like to remove.

Q - Will I receive credit for my artwork?

A - Absolutely!  Texas Freshwater Fly Fishing will give you the credit for the t-shirt design, and even work to promote you and your artwork on the Texas Freshwater Fly Fishing and social media.

Q - I am not a professional artist, can I still submit my work?

A - Yes!  Anyone can submit a design for the contest.  If you need help creating your idea as a design, email texasfreshwaterflyfishing@gmail.com and we can work together to produce your submersion.

Q - I am a professional artist/designer/etc. Can I still submit my work?

A - Yes!  The contest is open to anyone and everyone.  You can even use the shirt, design, etc, to promote yourself and/or business.  Texas Freshwater Fly Fishing will help promote you as well.

Q - I am under the age of 18.  Am I still eligible to submit my work?

A - Yes, you are.  But, you need to have your parent/guardian submit your artwork on your behalf. 

Those were just a few questions that I wanted to address for everyone.  Again, if you have any more questions, let me know.  I am excited to see your work!

Click here for complete information on the 2021 Texas Freshwater Fly Fishing - Protect Our Waters T-Shirt Design Contest


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