Nate Karnes: Remedy Provisions

Nate Karnes: Remedy Provisions

You have seen Nate's work shared on the Facebook Group.  You may have even seen it on his website, Remedy Provisions.  Here is Nate Karnes, straight from himself:

I grew up in East Tennessee - about 20 minutes from the schoolhouse where Sam Houston taught to pay off a debt to the General Store. I always loved fishing…but got in to Fly Fishing in college. Once I found Fly Fishing…it was over. I fished as much as I possibly could in the National Park.

I moved to Amarillo, TX in 1998 and would take regular trips to New Mexico fishing the Pecos Wilderness mostly. I love to fish  smaller streams where there aren’t a lot of people around. I enjoy the solitude as much as the fishing I think. Getting lost in a backcountry stream is so much fun. My wife and I met there in Amarillo, and after we married we moved here to SW Missouri, and now live north of a little town called Webb City.  Webb City feels like a Texas town in a lot of ways. It’s small, proud, has a Dairy Queen, and is absolutely crazy about High School football. Our High School has 15 State titles. Friday nights in the fall are some really fun times!

I have always loved to draw, and it’s been a natural progression to start drawing fishing-related stuff. I made the connection after the tornado here in 2011. I worked on a piece of art after the tornado inspired by a Brook Trout and things have progressed from there. One of the things I enjoy with art is coming up with things that people who fish “get” when they see it, while others may be a bit confused. Some of the “creatures” I draw with fish markings are terms we use…Pigs, Toads, Cows, etc. I also design flags that represent different Fish Species. Those flags make sense (oftentimes immediately, and usually always after a brief explanation) to fishermen, while people who don’t fish may think they look interesting and wonder what they represent. That’s when it’s fun to be able to talk to someone about the design and why you love fishing so much. I hear from people all the time about conversations my designs have started with complete strangers. I like that.

Recently, I’ve started drawing cartoon or caricatures of different flies. I think these are so much fun. I’ve done a couple flies that Brandon Bailes ties, and I’m hoping to do more this year. Anything that reminds me of being outside and on the water is something that interests me. I call my little “company” (It’s me and my wife…doing drawings, creating fun stuff and packing up sales on our kitchen table.) REMEDY. I want what I do to be a reminder of the incredible things we’ve been given to enjoy in Nature. Those things really are good for what ails you!

You can contact Nate at and my IG is @Nate.Karnes or @RemedyProvisions

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